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Abrasive thighs? Not anymore with these skirts

Now that the temperatures are rising and the sun is high in the sky, we are more and more excited to pull out a skirt. But where you don't have any problems at the beginning of the day, during the day the well-known women's problem suddenly appears: chafing thighs. Also such a burden? With these skirts that is a thing of the past.

Abrasive thighs in the summer

No cut-off tights, an uncomfortable spanx or special cream. With many skirts from Lofty Manner you don't have to try all these so-called solutions. Most skirts from the Summer collection have inner shorts on the inside, making chafing (and therefore irritated) thighs a thing of the past.

Skirts for the festival season

The fact that many skirts from Lofty Manner don't have an underskirt, but rather an overpants, is not only perfect as a solution for chafing thighs, it is also a godsend for the festival season. This way you never have to worry about showing too much of yourself while dancing and you can spend the whole day carefree.

Shop your favorites below by clicking on the items. Curious about the entire women's collection?Then click here .

skirt kimia lofty manner

Skirt Kimia | €44.95

skirt amiah lofty manner

Skirt Amiah | €34.95

skirt willow lofty manner

Skirt Willow | €44.95

skirt rosanne lofty manner

Skirt Rosanne | €39.95

skirt leanna lofty manner

Skirt Leanna | €34.95

skirt elodie lofty manner

Skirt Elodie | €39.95


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