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We are Lofty Manner

We are a fast-growing fashion brand from Amsterdam that makes exclusivity accessible. Our in-house designed collections are on trend, outspoken, comfortable and feminine. Clothing in which you can be yourself, but at your best and appropriate for the moment. You will find our brand in more than 250 stores throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

Our story

Show who you are.

You can really be yourself in clothes that suit you. We are Lofty Manner. A boutique fashion brand with twelve limited collections per year. Discover uniquely designed styles for every day that you can combine endlessly. Warm color combinations. Signature prints. Statement details. But above all: unique and stylish designs designed by our in-house designers in Amsterdam. Whatever the day brings: we invite you to show who you are. With a look that you can easily adapt to the next moment. Blend. Match. Unmatch. Always, in a Lofty Manner.

Our mission

Inspiring you to be yourself.

We are a boutique brand with a new collection every month in a limited edition. With this we guarantee exclusivity for our boutiques and for you.

Our collections are designed for those moments when you want to feel unique. At work, a date with your girlfriends or while going out.

To help you feel unique, for those specific times of the week we have the promise that we will be and remain accessible.

In addition to feeling unique, you also want to feel good. The workshops we work with are selected on the basis of expertise, production quality and working conditions. We will use more eco-friendly materials for our collections in the coming years.


Born Lofty Manner

As a seven-year-old boy, Michael Vinke (founder of Lofty Manner) was already happy with clothes. Where his friends put a Playstation on their wish list, Michael asked for clothing money to go shopping. He was good at that: he picked the most beautiful outfits from the racks for his mother and did the same for friends from his teens. Even now, they still come to him for fashion advice. “I was aware early on that I could strengthen myself with clothing. I can still intensely enjoy a beautiful piece of clothing that fits well.”

Michael wants to convey that feeling of happiness, which is why he started his own fashion brand Lofty Manner in 2012. As CEO and creative director, he is closely involved in every design created in Amsterdam. Characteristic of the collections is the exclusive and rapidly changing character. The designs are always on trend , outspoken, comfortable and feminine. This pleasant cocktail results in clothing in which you can be yourself, but at your best.

Show yourself
When you know you look good, you can go all day. With an outfit that radiates exactly what you need at that moment. Whether it's for your job application, meeting your in-laws or to add some color to a gray day: Lofty Manner is there for you. Clothes that make you feel confident and beautiful. Clothing that suits the moment. Clothing that allows you to show: this is me.


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