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This is what the button on the shoulder of a (leather) jacket is for

Is your jacket or waistcoat also one with a loop and button on the shoulders and have you always wondered what exactly this is for? Well, this detail is there for a reason. It turns out that they really do have a function!

Handy for your handbag

The buttons are not there for decoration, but for what purpose? The loops with buttons are there to keep your handbag in place. It sometimes happens that your bag slips off your shoulder. And how annoying is it that the entire contents roll over the floor. With this hack you don't have to worry about that anymore.


Where this hack comes from? They were originally developed for the military. The military clothing has these loops with buttons to keep backpacks and ammunition in place. In addition to a practical function, these loops also serve to read the soldier's rank from the badges that can be found on the shoulders.

Must have

Now that you know this handy fashion hack, losing your favorite handbag is a thing of the past. You open the button and slide the handle under the loop, close the button and there you go!


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