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How to make an oversized dress fitted with string and safety pins

Do you have a nice dress hanging in the closet or on the eye, but is it just a bit too loose around your body due to the oversized fit? According to TikTok, there is a handy hack for that, so that nice dress suddenly fits nicely. All you need is no tailor, just two safety pins and a shoelace or piece of string.

Tailor the dress

Sometimes we feel like oversized, but sometimes we don't. Fortunately, you can make your oversized (or too big) dress fitted with a simple trick. Without having it entertained or putting a belt around your waist.

Remove a lace from a rarely worn sneaker and pick two safety pins from somewhere. Then turn your dress inside out and attach the two safety pins at the waist on both sides. If there is a seam in your dress, you can use it to attach the safety pins. Then put the shoelace or string through the safety pins and tighten.

TikTok video

Then put a bow in it and see if the dress is so well fitted. Should it be wider or tighter, you can easily solve this by loosening or tightening the bow. Not entirely clear Then watch this TikTok video.

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