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Are your pants too loose? With this handy trick, it fits like a glove again

Do you still have pants in your wardrobe that are too big or loose? Time to bring them out again. There is a trick that allows you to wear your pants that are too big.

Clothes too big

Chances are that you too have clothes in your closet that are too big. Shame! You can often still wear them with a handy trick. Tired of a blouse? Make it a skirt. A dress that is too wide? Make it fitted with two safety pins and a shoelace or string.

This way your pants fit like a glove again

There is also a trick for trousers that have become too big or too wide over the years to make them fit well again. There is a small 'but' to this fashion hack. The closure of your pants must be a hook-and-eye closure. Is this the case? Then you can start.

Pretend you're fastening your pants, only this time look at where the fastener would end if the pants fit properly. You then attach the safety pin to the trousers at this location. Instead of attaching the 'hook' to the 'eye', you now do this at the safety pin. Your pants are now a perfect fit again and you can put the money for the tailor back in your pocket. Or to splurge on the new High Summer collection , of course .

Not quite clear yet? Watch the video below and shop your favourites.

trouser moon lofty manner

Trouser Moon | €69.95

trouser natasha lofty manner

Trouser Natasha | €34.97

trouser alysha lofty manner

Trouser Alysha | €41.97

trouser sharona lofty manner

Trouser Sharona | €31.47

trouser jeanne lofty manner

Trouser Jeanne | €38.47

trouser mila lofty manner

Trouser Mila | €27.97

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